After several years of musical and scenic experience, the bass player and singer Achille OUATTARA releases his first album, DOUAHOU.


The album, which contains entirely original compositions, translates his taste for mandingue music and the influence that gospel music and jazz had on him.

For this project, he surrounds himself with a guitarist, a drummer and a violinist-pianist.

Born in Burkina Faso, Désiré Somé is a bass player and self-taught guitarist at the beginning of his career, in 1990. He started his musical experience as a bass player in the music group “l’Afro Jazz Quartet”, directed by the guitarist-harmonicist Hassan Dembélé. He already performed on multiple african and european stages. He often runs jazz workshops and courses, at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp for instance. He took part in the musical project of Miary Lepiera & Saïry (Madagascar), John Chris Band (Burundi), Malick Pathé Sow (Mauritania), Saïsaï (Smooth Jazz), Chris Joris (Belgium), The Soul Affair (Belgium), The Branvers (belgian Pop/Rock/Lounge), The BCBG (Jazz Band of the Graduated) of Phil Abraham (2006), and so forth.

Desiré  Somé

Born on the 13th of July 1983 in Libramont, Renaud Crols learns to play the piano at the age of 6, and violin at the age of 9. He enters the Royal Conservatory of Liege at the age of 17 and obtains the first prize for violin, chamber music and music theory. Alongside his studies, he discovers improvisation and jazz. At the age of 21, after settling in Brussels, he starts travelling, especially in Romania, and discovers various kinds of world music. The violinist and pianist Renaud Crols mostly performs in gypsy groups, but also plays in Bach or Balkan beats productions, and has a prominent place on the boogie-woogie stage.

Renaud Crols

Born in Porto-Novo, Benin, Josaphat Hounnou is a young and talented drummer who deeply loves rhythm and music. His devotion and discipline have no limits, and allowed him to perfect his knowledge of drums. He now performs on stages all over the world in various music groups.

He inspired himself from Bebop Jazz, merged with traditional sounds that he learned very early in master classes (Elvin Jones, Jim Chapin, Art Blackey, Max Roach, Paco Sery, Denni Chambers, Yoron Israël, and so forth). He combines different cultures and styles in his own compositions, in the “ethnic african” style.

Josaphat  Hounnou


Afrikän Protoköl is an afro groove sextet, founded by the belgian saxophonist Guillaume Van Parys. After he met the Burkinabé drummer Moïse Ouattara, he composed a music track based on traditional rhythms from Burkina Faso and West-Africa. Jazz riffs, groove and improvisations are brought together to create multicultural, warm and festive music. Founded in Burkina Faso in 2013, the music group released its first album “Freedom From The Known” in 2014 and 2015 in Africa and Europe, and received compliments from the press, from the public and from professionals. The project received the Prix du Jury SIMA 2014 at the Salon International de la Musique Africain in Dakar in November 2014, and has been nominated for the Octaves de la Musique 2015 in Belgium. The group released its second album, "Beyond the Grid", in 2017.

Even though you can clearly hear the influence of the father of Afro Beat, Fela Kuti, in the compositions, as well as the influence of Steve Coleman, Manu Dibango or Aka Moon, this group of jazz musicians from Africa and Europe has an identity of its own. With Burkinabé musicians taking care of the rhythms and Belgian musicians handling the wind instruments, Afrikän Protoköl offers a coloured and dynamic show ; original and universal music.


With this highly positive energy, the project tries to face several problems that can be found in the current global context, which is dominated by social withdrawal, fear, extremism and nationalism. There’s a need to defend difference and to promote openness, diversity and free movement of people. The patriarchal and neo-liberal context that exists nowadays entails various dominations: individualism over community, capital over work, material over spiritual, religion over spiritual, man over environment, man over woman, Having over Being.


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